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Clay pigeon shooting disciplines, like others, are clearly related to hunting and, by their very nature and characteristics, are conducted outdoors in close contact with nature. The clay shooting facilities are composed of shooting platforms, machines to launch the targets (clays) and suitably equipped surrounding areas. They must have the dimensions and characteristics to ensure the safety of shooters and spectators in the presence of arms (shotguns and cartridges, in other words “pellets”) and, at the same time, allow for the proper management of any environmental impact deriving from the sport. Clay pigeon shooting can take the form of different disciplines, which include the Olympic specialities -Trap, Double Trap and Skeet – and other more amateur forms. The latter, though disciplined by specific rules, can be carried out in the three different facilities used for the Olympic specialities.
In this section we describe the clay pigeon shooting range of ASD Concarverde, affiliated with FITAV –the Italian Clay Pigeon Shooting Federation -, which, in terms of size and technical solutions, is a prime example of good construction and management practices. The facility is located in the Municipality of Desenzano del Garda.

Trap Concaverde

The facility occupies an area of about twenty hectares and is set in the middle of the Morainic hills in the Basso Garda area. It can boast a strategic position as regards its close proximity to the motorway and the Verona and Montichiari airports, as well as for the natural and historical treasures offered by the Lake Garda area. The facility is made up of twelve shooting ranges, arranged lengthwise in a row. The northerly orientation of the shoot allows for maximum usage, minimising any disturbance caused to shooters by exposure to the direct sun.

Ballistic and environmental safety

Clay pigeon shooting is clearly a noisy sport that also produces solid residue, which must be properly managed. Plus, as mentioned above, the shooting activities must be conducted in absolute safety, both for the athletes as well as the spectators.  Taking all of these factors into consideration, a technical design solution has been adopted which consists in the realisation of a earth barrier covered in sheets, set opposite the shooting platforms along the entire length of the facility, which allows for: - reduction of the noise produced by shots in the direction of maximum propagation - a completely visible, controlled and confined space within which the trajectories of the pellets are contained and, hence, ensuring proper ballistic safety (more specifically, between one platform and another, there are protective barriers arranged perpendicularly, to avoid any mutual interference).  - easy interception and collection of pellets and all other residues produced by the shots (broken clays, wads and cartridge cases).  The result is extremely important, insofar as it means all requirements set forth by the current regulations in force on noise impact (Italian Law 447/95 and Italian Prime Minister Decree 14/11/1997),ballistic safety (T.U.L.P.S. (Italian Consolidated Text of the Laws on Public Security) and Italian Legislative Decree 204/2010) and environmental safety (Italian Legislative Decree 152/06 – Chapters IV and V) are met. Another important aspect is the facility’s compliance with spectator safety regulations (Italian Ministerial decree 18/3/1996 and amendments and FITAV Regulations). In fact, the location of the shooting platforms in the facility and special preparations mean the shooting areas are defined and separate from the spectator areas.

Services for athletes 

During competitions, the results and tables are transmitted in real time to the club house next to the office, onto a series of colour monitors. The facility is equipped with its own armoury, with gunsmith services, including storage, checks and repairs of all kinds, enabling athletes to keep their equipment in tip top condition. It is also possible to purchase ammunition and all kinds of clay pigeon shooting accessories.  In addition to the twelve shooting ranges, there is a “practice range” specially devoted to beginners and novices, so that those who wish to familiarise with clay shooting can do so under the guidance of shooting instructors in a space separate from competition areas.

Hospitality area

Besides the large enclosed, CCTV protected car park, there is a coffee bar, restaurant and self-service cafeteria, seating about 200. The large park that surrounds the facility means families can spend a day outdoors, while the parking spaces are equipped with electricity and water supplies for athletes’ campers and caravans.

Disabled access

The facility has been designed and created by eliminating all architectural barriers and regularly hosts sporting events organised by the Italian Paralympics Committee.

The armoury

The armoury offers storage services and our gunsmiths can carry out all manner of repairs. It is also possible to purchase ammunition and all kinds of clay pigeon shooting accessories.



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